As we anticipated by the letter with which the company’s division was communicated, We would like to communicate you that starting from June, the 1st 2016, all the purchase orders must be sent as follows:

- by web, connecting himself/herself/itself to the site, with the credits, that you already have i(the same ones you use for;

- by e.mail to the address:;

- by fax to the number 0422.377150;

- by telephone to the number 0422.3771

We inform you, that starting from the same date of June, the 1st 2016, the purchase orders which are in to be with ADL automatically be migrate in Accessory Line S.r.l.

Please notice that the situation adjourned of the Yours "Situation Orders" is al your disposition in the "Reserved Area" to which you can enter with the credits you already have.

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